Restaurant choices in the UAE

The UAE is a country with a wide variety of cuisines and cultures. There are many different types of food such as Arabic, Asian, Italian, French, and American.

Having lived in Dubai as an ex-pat it was important I knew what to expect in the UAE

And the prices of restaurants vary from very expensive to affordable. Most of the modern Hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a selection of all styles of restaurants. From french haute cuisine to Burger Chains and Mexican or Spanish food.

Dubai is the most cosmopolitan city in the world, with a restaurant for every taste and budget. From French to Lebanese, or Indian to Mexican, you’ll find your favorite cuisine with just a quick Google search Square Meal UAE.

-Al Khaleej Palace:

This is one of the oldest and most popular Emirati restaurants in Dubai. It has been around for over three decades now, serving traditional Emirati dishes like Omani Machboos and Shawarma to its guests.

When you are looking for the best restaurants, cafes, bars, and more in the UAE  it’s important to know what type of cuisine you’re looking for.

Arab food is often seen as being quite different from Western food. It is a cuisine that has evolved over hundreds of years and reflects the region’s diverse culture, climate, and geography. There are so many restaurant choices in the UAE.

Arab cuisine is much more than just kebabs, falafel, and hummus. The dishes are influenced by Persian, Turkish, Indian, and European cooking styles.

Lebanese cuisine is a blend of cultures and influences. The dishes vary by where they are made, and in what city or region. Traditionally, Lebanese cooking includes rice, lentils, chickpeas, and bulgur wheat. Vegetables such as eggplant, courgette (zucchini), green beans, broad beans (fava beans), peppers, tomatoes, and onions are popular as well.

It’s not just the types of food that make it unique though – the way it’s cooked is also very different from Western cooking methods. Arab cuisine often relies on slow-cooking techniques such as grilling or roasting meat in a tandoori oven or pottery oven. These methods help to create succulent dishes with long-lasting flavours that are full of subtle spices like cumin, coriander, and cardamom.

Arab food can be either hot or cold depending on what part of the world you’re in – for example in Dubai it’s usually served hot

A western restaurant is a type of restaurant that serves food that is usually consumed in Western countries. These restaurants may serve dishes such as pasta, pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken, and french fries.  There are plenty of Western restaurants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The coffee culture in the Middle East is growing at a rapid pace. More and more cafes are opening their doors to offer customers a wide range of options from different types of coffee beans to different flavours and toppings.

Veganism is becoming more and more popular in the UAE. This is mainly because of the rise of animal rights groups in the country.

The vegan lifestyle has been gaining traction in recent years, with more and more people turning to a plant-based diet for a variety of reasons.

Veganism can be traced back to 1944 when Donald Watson coined the term ‘vegan’ as a way to describe what he saw as a healthy, meat-free diet that was free from animal products. If you are traveling to Dubai and the UAE this winter you might want to stop off in Switzerland on your way.

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

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