Hi! I am Julia

Welcome to my Blog about Lifestyle and Travel, Health, and Home Decor.

I love being home where I live with my 2 teenagers in the Cotswolds. However, I love to travel and plan trips in the UK and further afield. I’m a regular visitor to Cornwall. I love home decoration and plan my home around my travels where I have picked up beautiful paintings, furniture, and textiles. I have to budget being a single Mum which has helped me become savvier. Here I share my Single Mum’s tips on planning travel, home decoration, money-saving, time management, and lots more. In the past, I have lived in London (18 years and Dubai (2 years). Look out for some home decor and more travel tips. Soon we travel to Cornwall and then Summer to Greece.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I afford to travel as a single parent?

I save and look for special deals. I look for vouchers and offers. Travel outside school holiday times.

2. How Do You manage as a single parent? 

I lived in London alone at age 18 which made me very independent I have always managed to do things for myself. I do my own home decoration and general DIY. I have teenagers and I make them help out.

3. Have you ever been in danger?

Yes I was mugged in London and lived there during the IRA Bombings which was pretty scary. I was 1 mile away from Harrods when the bomb went off for example.

4. Did you buy any bargains?

I plan any house purchase items around sale times I am not an impulse purchaser.